Concrete parking lot installation requires an understanding of the unique loading conditions encountered in a commercial parking lot. Parking lots require a good sub-base with proper thickness, drainage, and traction. CCS Construction is trained in determining the proper concrete thickness and steel reinforcement required to handle the expected loads static and dynamic loads. Four inch thick pavement is fine for many residential applications, but heavy delivery trucks and heavier use may require five or six inch thick concrete. We can determine the proper joint spacing and type. Don’t settle for an under-engineered surface that will crack away and require replacement within a few years. By properly designing your parking lot, CCS can provide you with a surface that will survive heavy use for fifteen to twenty years.

Commercial Parking Lot Installations Canton, GA

CCS Construction does more than determine the necessary strength characteristics required. We also ensure proper compaction of the sub-grade prior to the pour to avoid sinking and cracking. Proper drain slope is also very important. We can analyze the drainage requirements of your site to determine whether a 1%, 2%, or 6% slope is required to handle the runoff. If you are aiming for elegance, look into stamped and decorative concrete surfaces. Call CCS today for a free estimate!

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